Sell My House Fast Tampa Scams: Avoid Getting Ripped Off by “We Buy Houses”

“Sell My House Fast”. If it sounds too good to be true …

Yup. You’ve seen the makeshift yard signs and advertisements for “We Buy Houses”. Or “We Buy Ugly Houses” and/or “Sell My House Fast” in any condition around the Tampa Bay area. And they come with the promise of not having to pay a realtor commission. There are seemingly hundreds of these shady looking advertisements promising to buy your house for cash. You see them at traffic lights and stapled all over Tampa Bay to telephone poles and bulletin boards. And they claim to offer top dollar on quick sales for your home. But even though you might be desperate and tempted to call these “Sell My House Fast” companies, how do you know if they’re legit?

The simple answer is “do your research”.


Don’t Get Ripped Off

Companies that pay cash for homes target certain types of sellers with the promise of an easy sale and quick cash. They prey on people such as those who haven’t been able to sell their homes; on divorcees; on the bankrupt; homeowners in foreclosure; vacant property owners; and people who own damaged homes who can’t afford to fix them. In other words, easy targets.

To not get duped by a “Sell My House Fast” scam, you should work with a licensed realtor. In other words, only work with an experienced Tampa real estate professional who has a proven track record for selling homes. Keep in mind these “We Buy Houses” scammers will lure you in by pointing out that you won’t pay real estate commissions. And they’ll trick you into thinking you will make more money from them by cutting out a realtor. They use high-pressure tactics to not only convince you realtors are evil and don’t have your best interest in mind, but to also bully you into selling to them now.

Only a true real estate professional who has closed a lot a lot of real estate transactions can actually get you what your property is worth. Professionals like the team at Discovery Properties Group, LLC, who have decades of combined experience buying and selling homes in the Tampa real estate market. Don’t allow yourself to get cheated by some fly-by-night “Sell Your Home Fast” scheme. Hire real estate professionals who care about selling your Tampa Bay home at the right price.


Use Common Sense

Let’s keep it real here: anybody can make a fake flyer and staple it around town. And handwritten yard signs don’t exactly scream “legitimate” either. Ask yourself this question: if this  operation can afford to give you a big cash offer for your home, couldn’t they afford better advertising? “We Buy Houses” scams prey on homeowners desperate to sell their houses. Don’t fall for it! Use common sense by doing your research on these companies and asking questions. What is their real estate license number? Look it up and search online reviews about their company. Investigate the company first. Find out where their permanent office is located (if they even have one). And do a Google search on the company + the word “scam” for rip-off reports.


If you decide to use their service to sell your house fast, get everything in writing and read it all before signing anything. And ask questions about anything that is ambiguous or unclear. Obviously we recommend you hire us (true real estate professionals) to sell your Tampa Bay house. But keep in mind that these “Sell My House Fast” or “We Buy Houses” scams will offer you a lot less than what your home is worth to buy it off you with cash. And you’re still responsible for paying off your mortgage and any other loans associated with your home. But if you just want to make the quick bucks and are desperate to sell your house fast and ultimately get ripped off, we wish you the best. If you aren’t desperate, however, consider listing your home for sale with a reputable full-service brokerage. And if you honestly haven’t been able to sell your Tampa Bay home, we can help you!


Hire the professional Tampa realtors at Discovery Properties Group to sell your home the right way! Call us at 813-230-2439 or fill out our contact form below for a free consultation.



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