Realtor Tips: Property Showing Courtesy to Tenants

Show some courtesy when showing a property

tampa realtor patriceIf you’re listing a property, the first question you should ask is: “How will my property be shown?” If the Realtor is using centralized showings, there are often extended hold times. A call center employee then calls the owner or tenant to inform them of a property showing. The owner of a property is obviously motivated to show their property. But a tenant living in that property? Not so much!

A tenant often needs an incentive such as a gift card for the inconvenience. And tenants don’t appreciate being called by numerous random call center employees. They usually prefer a courtesy call from a Realtor or at the very least trained office staff to inform them of an upcoming showing. So it’s a good idea to incentivize the inconvenience you are causing them in some way, shape or form. Offering a gift card or some other form of compensation for their troubles is not a bribe. And it’s not really “buttering them up” either. Rather, it’s a gesture to let them know you appreciate their patience for the inconvenience a property showing may cause them.

I usually find out from tenants what their work schedules and availability are ahead of time. And I work to set showings at their convenience, not the property owners’. That’s because the tenant(s) and not the owner(s) will experience the inconvenience if not prompted ahead of time. And it’s the tenants home while they’re living there and paying rent. Which means that tenant could be a potential buyer, or could decide to go rent another property. So keep your tenants in mind before having property showings set up, and let a professional realtor ease them into it.

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